The flowering stars

On silver necklaces they strung the flowering stars

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calypso (greek: kαλυψώ, kalypsō) was an oceanid in greek mythology, who lived on the island of ogygia, where she detained odysseus for several years. calypso enchants odysseus with her singing as she strolls to and fro across her weaving loom, with a golden shuttle. during this time they sleep together, although odysseus soon comes to wish for circumstances to change until he cannot be away from his wife penelope any longer and wants to go to calypso to tell her. his patron goddess athena asks zeus to order the release of odysseus from the island, and zeus orders the messenger hermes, to tell calypso to set odysseus free, for it was not his destiny to live with her forever. she angrily comments on how the gods hate for goddesses to have affairs with mortals, but eventually concedes, sending odysseus on his way after providing him with wine, bread, and the provisions to build a small raft.

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Lancastrian Kings and their consorts.

Henry V (reigned 1413-1422) and his consort, Catherine of Valois.

Catherine was said to be very attractive and when Henry finally met her at Meulan, he became enamoured.Catherine went to England with her new husband and was crowned queen in Westminster Abbey on 23 February 1421. In June 1421, Henry returned to France to continue his military campaigns.

By this time, Catherine was several months pregnant and gave birth to Prince Henry on 6 December 1421 at Windsor. The boy and his father would never see each other. During the siege of Meaux, Henry V contracted a fatal illness (dysentery) and died on 31 August 1422, just before his 35th birthday.

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